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About jodye beard-brown


Hello and welcome to jbeard art!

I feel it's a honor to be called an Artist when I also proudly juggle wearing many other hats...Christian, Wife, Mommy, Daughter, Sister, and Friend. Putting on my Artist hat really feels like such an accomplishment. Lord knows during the years when my kids were younger it took work and planning to keep my creative foot in the door. Sometimes my Artist hat sat on the back shelf for a short period during really busy times in my life. But the need to create and express myself in some visual form can not be denied. I am delighted to be able to share this continuous journey of discovering and creating art with you. 


Looking back I think living in Paris and London in my young adult life during the late 80's and early 90's while I worked as a model helped to open my creative eye. I had the opportunity to be up close to a constantly moving creative process in fashion world. I was submerged in an incredibly beautiful place where colors, shapes, texture, and style took life. I paid attention absorbing what I could from all areas, to later pull from these early experiences and apply to them to my art. 

I spent one year taking drawing and painting classes in Paris at Les Ateliers Beaux-Arts in the early 90’s. Often nude models and occasional still life studies allowed quick evolution of my craft in painting.

Later, because of my love of mosaics, I am self taught and I’ve developed my own techniques over time. I love combing these two art forms for my own unique approach to my art.


I currently live in Houston with my husband and two children. I work part time for a major airline as a International flight attendant and French speaker. This allows me to continue to be inspired by people, travels and God...which I absolutely love! 

Click on photo below for article on my art!

Click on photo below for article on my art!


Click on photo below for article on my art!

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