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New Orleans Vibes!

New Orleans Jazz Man

I'm still vibin' off the Electric Energy of New Orleans from

this past weekend's quick get-away, it was Absolutely Amazing!

I wish I could put my finger on exactly where this positive energy emerges from, because if I could I would bottle it and sell it!

Maybe it's a combination of it's History and Culture, the Jazz Music that is only New Orleans, the "down home" attitudes of everyone you meet, the flavorful "MMMMMM" of every bite of food you can possibly eat in a weekend, the "Let the good times roll" cause you are here, and "It's about to go down" somewhere in the city! Je ne sais pas...but it is certain that it is Stronger than ever and the Pride of the city truly contagious!

My FBF painting is Jazz Man...he playing it Loud and Proud from the streets of NOLA long ago. But I must say there is something New awaitin' to hit the blank canvas in my garage...something I can't wait to share with you...somethin' that no doubt will have a vibe of New Orleans.

#neworleans #vibes #jazz #music #food #pride #nola #painting #fbf #culture #jbeardart

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