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A Mother's Beach Treasure

The clockwork of the sea and earth, and its daily routine -- what goes out to sea (comes or must come) back again... Will it be lost forever or found?

When the moon is a thinly-sliced crescent, or is as full as a mid-day sun,

the tide rolls out and back in...bringing with its return lost moments from the depths of the sea.

These moments are often lost among the sand and seaweed and forgotten.

To some, these moments are simply discarded trash. But with the rolling and tumbling of the waves to the movement of the sea, the call of the moon brings in the tide.

A mother walks along the beach and among the sand and seaweed is that long ago discarded moment. Revealed only to her by shape and color, it is nothing but a piece of tumbled glass left amongst the sand and seaweed. It can not be left behind and must be beheld, to be placed amongst her other valued possessions, it is her newest treasure. The collection, growing with each successive walk along the beach, gathering many lost moments of the sea and holding on to them... anticipating what would be.

No more walks along the beach...but the treasure trove of beach moments would soon become her daughters' treasured memories of a Mother's collected dream.

To commemorate those moments and memories, I created three mosaics for her two daughters with the box of beach treasures. The found moments

of the beach life would give yet again.

A Mother's Beach Treasure 1

A Mother's Beach Treasure 2

Tumbled Treasure Glass

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