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Step Out On The Road To Life

Breathe in deep

Take a stride

One foot forward...then the other

Step out on the road of life

Stepping, flowing, moving...

And keep walking... keep moving

Trust in what's ahead

Following the warmth of the sun

Kissing your skin, beckoning you forward...

Leading you along the way

That glance over your shoulder?

Not necessary.

No need to look back on what once was...

'Cause it's only your shadow who trails behind you now

Welcome company

Keeping up with you and the rhythm of your steps

Trust in its Creator

When we trust in the light that makes the path clear

That make our path straight even when the road is winding

We are free...

Just move

Straight ahead

With all the joy of the world!

Don't run off ahead...

Unyielding, running full force, eyes closed

Missing the stops signs of life...the warnings to slow down...


The warning of this road

NOT straight... The Creator's light doesn't shine here...

This journey may become long and treacherous

Not knowing the direction... not trusting the next step to take

Stop, close your eyes... just be still

Then ask for help

Listen-- it may be a whisper


You will once again feel the warmth of the sun

It is there to guide you... lead you... light your path

Breathe in deep

Take a stride

One foot forward...

And then the other

Step on the road of life

Following the warmth of the sun

Leading you along the way...

As clear as the noon-day sun!

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