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To get to you

here I sit, waiting

for this day that makes

my soul ache, I

sit, because that is all

that I can do

now...I sit

so still in my seat and

waiting, patiently for this plane

to that my body

can run ahead to try

and catch up with my heart

that has been racing,

running, pulsing, beating

to get to you

I tried to prepare my

heart for this day, thinking that maybe I would be ready

for the day that your

mind and body would

choose to let much suffering it endured this year

let go

as it was slowly shrinking away,

so hard to see

your body so frail,

your mind and voice strong,

the same, in tact, the same

smooth, loving, caring voice

some days tired...

some moments

not wanting to go on...

but you did

until this day

to get to you...

my heart is racing,


it won't slow down and

I need to see you

to tell you that I love you

to tell you that it's ok

to go...

I fear that my heart

will stop and break in two

because I love you so

but it is because I love you...

that I can let you go...

no more suffering

no more hurting

no more cancer

but your spirit

your love

your legacy

lives forever

#jbeardart #life #legacy #suffering #heart #cancer #endurance #running #love

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