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Rosa's Garden

Whimsical 10X10 Italian glass mosaic and mixed tile with mirror in the center

Have you seen Rosa's garden?

Seen its splendor, majestic and true?

Folks wanna know what her secret is?

How's it so big, so beautiful

So much variety, small and big...

burstin' at the seems yet contained to its boundaries.

Rosa's garden --

Have you seen it?

Which one is your favorite, they ask?

No ma'am, not Rosa...she loves them all

And no, she don't mind gettin' up early or goin' to bed late

that's the commitment to her garden.

Rosa's garden --

Have you seen it?

Its so magnificent, so bountiful

So many years of plantin' and tendin'

watching it grow...

teachin' others to care and tend

Not worried of the day when she would plant no more.

Have you seen Rosa's garden?

So exquisite, so delightful

So much variety

lovin' them all

Her Grandchildren...twenty-nine in all.

Yeah, that's quite a garden.

Have you seen it?

Rosa's garden?

Yes ma'am...still grownin' strong.

#angel #mosaics #roses #garden #whimsical #art #heart #love

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